GR Japan and Daisen-Cho of Tottori Prefecture Enter Partnership Agreement in Staff Exchange Program

20131113 Signing Ceremony

Tokyo - 14 November 2023: GR Japan K.K., the leading government relations and public affairs consultancy in Japan, today announced that the company concluded an agreement with Daisen-cho in Tottori Prefecture to dispatch GR Japan staff member under the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications' "Entrepreneurship Program for Regional Revitalization". A signing ceremony was held at GR Japan office on Monday, 13 November 2023.

The "Entrepreneurship Program for Regional Revitalization" is a partnership program under which private companies in the three major metropolitan areas dispatch their employees to municipalities to bring their knowledge and experience to support regional development. Under this agreement, GR Japan will dispatch its Associate Manager, Uran-Uchig (Uchka) Chimegbaatar, to Daisen-cho, who will bring in her extensive experience in public affairs in Japan and abroad to support policy making in the town.

 Uchka, supported by her colleagues in Tokyo and Osaka, will provide Policy advice on various economic policies and support the other policies for local development, including but not limited to the comprehensive strategy undertaken.

 Jakob Edberg, President & CEO of GR Japan K.K. commented, “We are excited to partner with Daisen-cho. GR Japan supports private entities and non-profit organizations in their government relations activities and has had many opportunities to work with local governments in the past, including Daisen-cho. Through this program, we hope to contribute to Daisen-cho’s further growth and look forward to providing GR Japan’s expertise as public policy professionals.”


<Bio: Uran-Uchig (Uchka) Chimegbaatar, Associate Manager>

Uchka joined GR Japan in 2019 and has served clients across multiple sectors with research, advocacy, and budget request to government. She is an adept project manager who embarked on her career at Mitsubishi Corporation where she was responsible of operations and administrations of mineral resources investment, credit risk management, and subsidiary management within the dynamic landscape of corporate operations. Uchka is a Mongolian national, with native-level Japanese and fluency in English. She is a graduate of Indiana University Bloomington, double majoring in Economics and International Studies with a certificate in LAMP (Liberal Arts and Management Program).

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